WLR Creative

About Us

From concept to final product, from pixels to print,
WLR Creative can fulfil all your company's or organization's creative design needs.


Designed for more effective communication

WLR Creative provides clients with creative, graphic, and marketing design for more effective communication with clients, customers or members. Online, print, and identity design are our specialities. Our philosophy is that great creative design should be attractive, effective and affordable.

From concept to final design – from pixels to print – WLR Creative can create what your organization or business needs.

Founded in Washington D.C., WLR Creative was created to serve the design and creative needs of businesses and organizations that want to communicate better via professional design, but find themselves needing more than a freelancer, but less than an agency-level contract.

WLR Creative utilizes a core group of highly-experienced and award-winning independent graphic designers, web developers and agency-experienced freelancers to fulfill your company's creative needs. By using these independent professionals, who are located across the U.S., we avoid the overhead associated with more traditionally structured agencies.

Our clients get agency-level results,
without the agency-level overhead.

Contact us today to find out how WLR Creative can help your company look its professional best.


Who We Are

W. Len Rayburn is an award-winning veteran designer, having worked in both focused non-profit and fast-paced agency environments. He created WLR Creative to serve both direct and agency clients with creative services from a team of dedicated independent designers.

Taking advantage of improved internet speeds and collaborative tools, the team is able to function much like a more traditional creative agency, but without the need or overhead of a dedicated office. All designers and developers are U.S.-based creative professionals with years of award-winning experience in either agency or organizational environments.